Alon Shalom, an Israeli native who now lives in Los Angeles, California, owns a salon on trendy Melrose Avenue that celebrities and models swear by. It all started when he was twelve, giving the women in his Tel Aviv neighbourhood Farah Fawcett flips, made famous in Charlie’s Angels.

Often seen in a plain white tee and jeans, embellished with denim and leather jackets, he channels a laid-back chic that’s a great example of West Coast style. We speak to him about his favourite way to pair clothes, the most popular hairstyles for men these days, and a rather embarrassing story involving a popped pant button.

HIS STYLE DIARY: How would you describe your personal style?

ALON SHALOM: I’d say it’s classy with an edge.

HSD: What’s your favourite way to pair clothes?

AS: It will have to be a white t-shirt and broken jeans, paired with boots and a leather jacket.

HSD: Some guys love shoes, others love belts. What’s your accessory?

AS: I love shoes, especially boots. But also, leather jackets!

HSD: What is your favourite perfume/scent?

AS: I really like Tom Ford. For the winter, I’d wear his Tuscan Leather. For the summer, Neroli Portofino.

HSD: Name us a guy you think is very stylish. Why him?

AS: Ryan Gosling. His style is effortlessly handsome. His clothes and accessories are always on point without being a “fashion victim”.

HSD: How do the men in West Hollywood/Los Angeles dress?

AS: The men in West Hollywood tend to be in sharp street wear with a polished finish. Guys in Los Angeles are very aware of their clothing and dress pretty cool.

HSD: You’re quite an authority on hair, being a hairstylist and owning a salon. What’s your favourite hairstyle for yourself?

AS: For me, it’s Mad Men with a James Dean twist.

HSD: And for men nowadays? What’s popular?

AS: It’s about longish hair with sides pretty tight. Long styles are definitely getting more popular.

HSD: We’ve just been through the awards season in Los Angeles. If you were invited to a red carpet event, what would you be wearing? 

AS: Definitely a John Varvatos tux. Or maybe something from DSquared2.

HSD: Any grooming tips from the guru?

AS: Don’t over-shampoo your hair!

HSD: What are your thoughts about the facial hair trend?

AS: I’m absolutely for it. I hate my face without facial hair. Beards are sexy!

HSD: Your body looks great. Can you tell us how you keep fit?

AS: My diet is strict. I avoid dairy products and flour, and stick to just protein and vegetables. I also work out five times a week, doing yoga, CrossFit, and weightlifting.

HSD: Can you share a potentially embarrassing or funny story about your grooming routine or your wardrobe?

AS: One time in the middle of cutting someone’s hair, the button on my Diesel leather pants popped out. I had to hold up my pants and run to my tailor to fix it. So I waited in my car, in my underwear. And of course to kill time I was posting stuff on Instagram!

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