If you one of those men who still believe in washing with an ‘old school’ bar of soap, and feel that facial cleanser are too feminine for you, I have this to tell you …WAKE UP! It’s 2014 already, which century are you stuck in?

So when I received information about the new BIOTHERM HOMME T-PUR BLUE CHARCOAL SOAP, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is still such a group of stubborn heads around – then again, I could be wrong, especially with this whole old school grooming and barbershop trend going around.

And don’t be deceived, the BIOTHERM T-PUR soap is no ordinary bar of soap. It contains Blue Charcoal, a fusion of sebum-absorbing black charcoal extract with anti-bacterial Biotherm Blue Science actives, giving it the anti-shine, anti-oil and anti-clog powers.

The result is Clean , Clear and Matte skin free of imperfections.