After an unforgettable summer traveling, hitting the beach and relaxing with your best friends, you are ready to start one of the most amazing chapters of your life: senior year at college. You know that it’s going to be challenging, with sleepless nights cramming for exams and being late to classes the next morning, but you also know that it’s going to be a year packed with fun and irreplaceable memories. It is your final year of school before fully entering the life of a responsible adult, after all, so you deserve to go out in style. Speaking of style, we have just the right tips so you can rock the college man look this year flawlessly. In the end, we know that you deserve the classic and classy look more than ever. The years with hoodies and baggy jeans are long gone, my friends. Now, it’s all about looking sharp, smart and spotless while you prepare to get down to business. If you are in need of some well-documented information, we have the exact list you need. Check out these 5 style tips for the college man in 2015 and pass your exams with flying colors while dressing smart!

1_plaid-shirt1. Plaid Shirt

Button up shirts are a must for the college man, but you don’t have to go too over the top (you’re still in school, after all). The best way to balance out casual and elegance is by sporting a slim fit plaid shirt in the colors of your choice. The classic plaid shirt will always remain in style and appropriate for attending lectures and hanging out on campus. While we recommend earth tones for timeless tastes, you can also use daring colors like red, blue or green to add a spot of color to your outfit. You can choose to wear your plaid shirt either tucked into your pants or jeans or untucked, but be careful that the shirt is not too long if you choose the latter case. Make sure that your shirt is always well ironed and buttoned up; afterwards, you can match it with a pair of classic jeans and bucks.


2. Cardigan

We know how much you love sweatshirts and hoodies, but you should keep those for gym class. For day to day wear, a stylish college man should always have a cardigan nearby. Not only will it keep you warm during autumn or winter, but you will also be staying on top of your style game. You can choose a cardigan from a respected brand or, if you are shopping on a budget, you can get a more affordable one, as long as it fits you well (back, shoulders, arm length). A cardigan is the perfect alternative to a jacket or blazer if you still want to remain classy but not be too over the top; it can be worn with a shirt, a polo and even a simple white, black or grey t-shirt. According to the weather, you can go for a thinner cardigan (like at the beginning of the school year) and as it gets colder outside you can choose a wool cardigan that is well knit. Match it with any simple shirt or polo and you’re good to go.


3. Smart Bag

The time for backpacks has passed; real men carry their books and laptop in bags. Before you start questioning your manliness when hearing the word “bag”, just take a look at a military style canvas messenger bag like this and you will completely understand why you need one for your last year of college. By lightly draping a smart messenger bag over your shoulder you will have a crisp and fresh presence and all of your daily college belongings will fit in just fine. Details like these truly show the difference between a boy and a man, and you will no longer look like a 15 year old when you go to your lectures. Choose from materials like suede, leather or canvas and a natural tone like beige, brown, khaki or black to go with most outfits.

4_polo-shirt4. Polo Shirt

We’re not saying that you still can’t wear t-shirts now that you’re a senior, it’s just that polo shirts look infinitely more refined. You will be surprised to find out how big of a difference a collar can make when wearing a cotton top. There are countless quality polo brands that you can choose from, and even the most reputed have pretty accessible prices. Both short sleeve and long sleeve polo shirts are perfect for wearing in your senior year of college and you can add your favorite cardigan to make the look complete. Like in the case of plaid shirts, always make sure that your polo is clean and well-ironed so you really look put together with thought. When it comes to colors, the sky is the limit, so mix and match as you please (all in good taste, of course).

5_classy-watch5. Classy Watch

If girls get to have a never ending range of accessories to choose from, guys can only wear a few on daily occasions. While bohemian leather bracelets and necklaces are fine, they do not accentuate your appearance as much as one accessory in particular. If you generally are a man who takes care of his looks, you will know what we are talking about. By far, the most prized accessory of any well-dressed man is a classy wristwatch. Leave those rubber or plastic watches from your first college years aside and invest in a leather belt wrist watch that you can easily wear to your first interviews after you graduate. If you possess a generous budget, we suggest looking into Swiss watches from trusted brands, as they really will last for years to come; if not, at least make sure that the materials used for the watch are high quality. Show your smarts by dressing and accessorizing smart during your last year of college.

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