If you have a sculpted and healthy body, flaunt it. But whether flabby, fatty, wimpy or washboard-firm, there’s never an excuse for not turning out stylish and fashion-forward. Clothes, after all, are meant to raise the sartorial quotient of every man, even when he’s at the beach, wearing next to nothing.

With Singapore’s weather upwards of 35 degrees Celsius on most days, and neighbouring islands enjoying the same glorious climate, if I were a chap looking for some R&R, I’d put my money on a wardrobe of cool beach wear, after I book that champers-and-dancing boat charter, or a holiday to the Maldives.

If your summer plans include sand, sea, surf and lot of seafood, here are six hot trends to help you make a memorable splash.

Trend 1/ Swim Shorts

swim shorts

THOM BROWNE Short-Length Stripe-Trimmed Shell Swim Shorts. Available at Mr Porter


They’re inspired by board shorts, but trendier and possibly more forgiving. Slim-cut and fitted (therefore slimming), they come in such an assortment of cheerful repeated patterns and groovy prints that if I were a chap, one pair would definitely not be enough for me. On dry land, they can also function as berms to match a charming Hawaiian shirt or a sporty tank top.

Trend 2/Boy-leg Briefs (Square Trunks)

sq trunk

Nike Swimming bubble trunks. Available at ASOS.


If you’re on the slender side, or want to flaunt your post-Paleo diet bod, boy-leg briefs in stand-out primary colours will do the job, plus ease you into the hot season and the water comfortably. They’re sportier than board shorts, but more modest than conventional trunks and briefs, and definitely flattering on toned thighs and flat stomachs.

Trend 3/Flat-front Shorts

flat front

ORLEBAR BROWN, Bulldog Mid-Length Swim Shorts. Available at Mr Porter.

You know flat-front pants? Well, these are the shorts versions. These preppy swim things are like the beach and pool adaptations of tennis shorts. Out of the pool and at the beach bar, they’re super with a smart polo or crewneck T.

Trend 4/Running Shorts-Style

Runner trunk

Reebok swim split swim shorts. Available at ASOS.

They look like 1980s running shorts, and you could definitely run in them if you want to. This time around, they’re also making waves in the water for their cool retro vibe. On land, they’ll work with a light and comfy hoodie.

Trend 5/Knee-Length Compression Tights

Speedo Lane Jammer Swim Shorts

Speedo Lane Jammer Swim Shorts. Available at ASOS.

You could go from the beach to the gym in these and no one would bat an eyelid. These two-in-one trunks make sense especially if you like a little workout on the beach (push-ups, squat jumps, interval sprints on the beach). Definitely throw on a compression top if you want more cover-up.

Trend 6/Classic Briefs

Nike Swimming core briefs in red from ASOS

Nike Swimming core briefs in red. Available at ASOS

I’ve been told a rumour that these slips of nothing are too immodest even by many men’s standards. But if they fit you well because you’re toned and tan, go for it. And if you’re going to go vintage in one way, you might as well bring out the 60s-ish beach robe while you’re at it. I can’t imagine anything less respectable to go with something so micro mini, when you’re out of the water.