BENJAMIN TAN @Benvoda  (41.1k followers)


Tell us about yourself and what you do.

“I’m 25 and I work 3 jobs. I help to run the operations department of my family’s business, which deals in curtains and blinds, and I’m also a wealth manager who helps people with their finances and investments. Recently, I realised my dream of becoming an actor – I took up severals roles in a few Mediacorp productions, and have been featured in several commercial video shoots too.”


What’s your IG style, inspiration and theme?

I focus on the broad category of ‘lifestyle’, which consists of everyday activities, to luxury goods, practically anything under the sun in fact. But each post has to meet one criteria —  I have to believe in the subject matter. I don’t post about things that I don’t believe in, just because I’m getting paid for it. In order to genuinely promote something to my followers, I have to believe in it. Only then would I be able to curate something authentic. That being said, I am always excited to post about my travels, fashion interests, and grooming and facial products.”


How do you engage your followers and grow your numbers?

I always believe that apart from it being a numbers game, good social media practice also means being in constant contact with your followers. For me, it would be to personally reply to every single comment and DM that they leave. This way, my followers would feel more connected to me. Every influencer out there offers good photo quality and his/her content is mostly good and getting better every day. What sets one from another is personality and how we show our appreciation to our followers, and letting them know that we value them, especially since we are not celebrities.”

What’s the secret to a great IG photo?

Sometimes we focus too much on the quality and composition of the photo. But what I feel resonates more with our followers and touches them is our unique personality. There is no point pretending to be someone we are not because it won’t come across as genuine and people can feel it. For me, I realise that photos that are taken as a selfie, with me just doing random things in my daily life, are the ones that garner more attention and deeper engagement from my followers. So, if this works for me, then that’s my direction. There is no cookie-cutter secret to a great IG photo. It is more about finding your own personality and finding a way to make it shine through the overcrowded social space.”

You only truly fail when you quit.” – Benjamin Tan



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