ALFRED SNG @sealfred  (35.5k followers)


Tell us about yourself and what you do.

“I have a degree in Graphic Communications. When I graduated in 2016, I decided to freelance because it gives me the freedom to explore different fields of interest, which includes singing, dancing and designing. I took part in The Voice last year and am currently taking part in another singing competition called Jungle Voice, which is based in Taiwan. In my free time, I keep my creative juices flowing by doing freelance graphic design and animation work. I also stay active by dancing. I have been dancing for about 10 years.”


What’s your IG style, inspiration and theme?

“I don’t think that I have a very defined style yet. I also don’t only post things related to lifestyle or music. Instagram is a platform for me to candidly update happenings in my life that I’m happy to share. At the same time, I’m also curating quality images as part of my posts. As a graphic designer, it’s important that my feeds are aesthetically consistent. My aesthetic style is clean and easy-on-the-eye, hence the soft pastels and low-contrast photos.”


How do you engage your followers and grow your numbers?

“I don’t do anything special to consciously grow the numbers. The only thing I do is engage my followers by replying their comments or their DMs, when they ask questions that I can answer. However, I do take the effort to post every other day, so I don’t appear inactive.”


What’s the secret to a great IG photo?

“It’s all about the colours. I used to think that to achieve a great photo, I need to always shoot with my camera (Fujifilm xt10). While shooting with a great camera helps with the quality of the photo, I’ve came to realise that even photos that are shot with my iPhone can look as professional, with the right colour combination and good lighting. I always try to photograph myself in natural light, as it gives that soft and light feeling that I try to achieve with all my photos. I am always very cautious with the choice of colours in each photo; I try to wear something that would compliment the background that I’m against.”


“The most important thing is to have fun, do things that make you happy. At the same time, try different things even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.” -Alfred Sng



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