ANDEE CHUA @andeecys  (93.5k followers)


Tell us about yourself and what you do.

“I’m Head of Community at Found., an innovation-focused co-working community started 6 years ago in Singapore. Before I began working at Found., I was working for another startup doing Branding and Marketing. I was also known as the first male model to walk for Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week. Before I started working full time, I modelled for almost 3 years, walking during various fashion weeks and working around Europe and in Asia. I’m also a dance instructor – I teach hip-hop, street jazz and waacking.”


What’s your IG style, inspiration and theme?

“I’ve been through many phases on my IG. I started with fitness, when I was into dragon-boating and bodybuilding. When I became a model, my posts became fashion- and modelling-driven. My posts have since become lifestyle- and travel-related, where I can be myself and share more of my personal life.”


How do you engage your followers and grow your numbers?

“I really don’t think too much about the numbers to be honest. I used to care a lot about the number of likes and followers I had, but over the years, I’ve learnt to let go. I think the best way to engage with your followers is to be consistent in posting, replying comments and, of course, sharing beautiful pictures – those are always appreciated. Nobody wants to see blurred or disturbing pictures, so just be conscious of that. Forget about the numbers and care more about the content.”


What’s the secret to a great IG photo?

Composition and colour are really important. I can be quite demanding when it comes to these. I wouldn’t say I post perfect pictures, nor do I study photo techniques. A lot of it is based on having picture sense. Of course, a bit of editing is always good to standardize the layout of the pictures.”


“Be true to yourself and to others. I try my best to portray an authentic life on IG, and on social media channels. If I am feeling sad, down, or in any way negative, that’s probably when you wouldn’t see my posts. As much as possible, my IG and social media channels spread positivity and love. They are also channels for me to reach out to more people who are going through similar struggles or experiences. This is how we can all find inspiration and motivation (from one another).” – Andee Chua


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