Italian luxury fragrance maker, Acqua di Parma, recently launched a special Prestige Edition of it’s successful Colonia Intensa, mixing its two signature materials, wenge wood and metal in its distinctive cap. Colonia Intensa is an aromatic, sophisticated scent that combines a sensual base of leather, cedarwood and neroli with fresh citrus top notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon and ginger.

Colonia Intensa Prestige Edition tells the story of a dynamic man seeking high intensity in life, and finds his truest dimension in being part of a world. He wants to share a code, to respect form, meant as the expression of a deep and valuable content. His social life takes place in clubs, where he enjoys collectable cigars, Italian delicacies, or a rare Irish peaty whisky, and entertains selective relations. He favours beauty, also in his most personal spheres, with signature furniture set in beautiful and refined environments. He has a collector’s soul, is fascinated by watches with precious mechanisms, antiquities, limited editions. He is attracted by materials and objects with a timeless charm. precious woods, leathers, sculptures. but, at the same time, he appreciates and seeks the most sophisticated high-tech forms. He has an utterly masculine temperament. an alchemic combination of determination, courage, strength, resolution and trustworthiness.

If you own a bottle of fragrance from Acqua di Parma, you know that you are also buying into a way of life, characterized by the Italian taste and elegance, echoed all round the world by the historic brand. The quality of each bottle of fragrance and packaging is impeccable. Today, Acqua di Parma is headquarters are in Milan; all its collections are produced exclusively in Italy and distributed through an international network.

Source: Acqua di Parma