You might have heard about my virgin experience with dermal fillers a few months ago. I was so happy with the results on my cheeks that I decided to take it one step further and try boosting my chin with a chin filler. Beauty comes in many forms, and one of the golden proportions for a man’s face lies in the alignment of the tip of his nose, his lips, and his chin. As illustrated in the graphic below, when those three points line up, the profile looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Of course, some men are just born with a mild chin. In others, a defined chin in youth may recede with age. The elastin in the skin, which is a support fiber that helps skin “bounce” back into place, gets degraded as the years go on. The result? What once was a classically handsome side profile loses its angularity.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cream out there that can build the elastin back to youth levels. Shelling out hundreds of dollars every few months for something that doesn’t work – it’s a story many men and women can relate to. The only way to actually fill out the chin (or the cheeks, for that matter) is to use dermal fillers. The best part is, it doesn’t take the daily commitment of ointments and creams (that don’t work anyway), it takes very little of your time, and it doesn’t have to hurt.

Having had such great results with my cheek fillers, I went back to Rexults Clinic and saw Dr Melvin Tan. Being the careful man he is, he explained each step he took, which I appreciated. He measured my chin with a ruler, and marked a line in the centre of the chin. Then the area was iced.

The derma filler to be used – the highly popular hyaluronic acid-based JUVÉDERM Voluma – comes with lidocaine, a numbing agent. The filler closely resembles the hyaluronic acid that the body naturally produces, making it a very safe product to use. With minimal side effects, it’s a non-permanent treatment that can last up to a full 18 months. Throughout the weeks, the filler naturally dissipates and works its way out of the body.

As Dr Tan injected my chin, I felt no pain whatsoever. He moulded the filler for a natural look, something I know is a delicate process that takes the experience of a seasoned hand. I looked in the mirror, and smiled as I usually would – it looked great. It took no time at all, but the effect was significant. My chin looked fuller, more prominent.


Taking a selfie of my profile, I realised just how much volume I had lost in my chin before I came in, and how this filler has really, well, filled it out! I could also make all sorts of facial expressions without any issue. I would easily say this was definitely a success!

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