We’re in the thick of summer, and everyone in the northern hemisphere can feel it. No one in the continental United States can escape as temperatures reach record highs from Los Angeles to Memphis to New York City. Meanwhile in Asia, India and Pakistan swelter in unprecedented heat. Besides launching yourself in the nearest river and drinking yourself silly – with cold water, of course – you also may benefit from getting a fresh body wash to awaken your heat-dulled senses, especially one that is supposed to provide lasting deodorising properties.

American Crew to the rescue! Packed in a handy amber bottle, the trusted men’s grooming brand’s 24-Hour Deodorant Body Wash boasts a formulation of silver citrate meant to control the odour emanating from your sweat-drenched skin. It’s not only the packaging that reminded us of an apothecary; the tea tree oil and peppermint oil in the body wash gave it a slightly medicinal scent – nothing overpowering. While the non-ionic surfactants derived from raw vegetables provide a gentle cleansing that doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped of moisture, silver citrate and peppermint oil can be irritating to the skin, especially broken or abraded.

After two weeks of use, we’re sad to report that the American Crew 24-Hour Deodorant Body Wash does not actually provide day-long protection against odour. We wondered if it was the way we used it, but we doubt “apply to wet skin and rinse thoroughly” allows much room for error. The product did, however, effectively deodorise existing funk. Alas, to remain odorless throughout the day you’ll still need to go the old-school way and employ some defunking techniques like using antiperspirants. That being said, the product does energise the body with its generous, silky lather and a slight after-tingle that’s perfect for staying fresh in the dead of summer. Singaporeans (and most South East Asians) know the sensation too well: perspiring even as you’re coming out of the shower. Perhaps American Crew’s body wash can stave off that humidity for a little time more. Fingers crossed!

Price: USD12.75

Available in select salons, and at the American Crew website.

American Crew 24-Hour Deodorant Body Wash
Fresh, energizing scentGentle cleansingGenerous lather
Potentially irritating to the skinNot an effective deodorant