Designer Kitchen

To get things rolling with my Design and Interior section, I am shamelessly putting up my own pad for exhibit here on HSD. Well, I moved in 6 months ago and I am really proud of what I have done to it when friends who come over for a gathering give me lots of compliments. The flat was featured in the April 2011 issue of interior design magazine SQUARE ROOMS and below is an excerpt from the feature.

“As far as HDB flat transformations go, there are more than enough examples to show that all it takes is some imagination and, of course, the help of a good designer to make it look like a million- dollar private apartment.

That was why this bachelor didn’t break a sweat upon buying a well-worn three-room flat in Farrer Park. He saw its potential despite the sorry condition it was in.

Looking at the unit’s original floor plan, there a few problem areas to tackle: There was an obtrusive bomb shelter in the living room, the kitchen was space-challenged and the master bedroom had an odd- shaped layout. The owner decided that a modern interior swathed in a monochromatic colour scheme would best counter the limitations the space provided. And its transformation is nothing short of amazing.

Upon entering, laminate flooring in a dark timber finish imbue the home with inviting warmth. The once-inconvenient bomb shelter is concealed within a storage unit forged out of wood and stucco. It also hosts multiple closed storage compartments to stash away the homeowner’s shoes and books.

Nearby, the iconic Barcelona leather sofa, Eames lounger and ottoman exude a timeless appeal.Their presence is juxtaposed perfectly against the industrial-styled stucco panels while a black-and-white cowhide rug echoes the monochromatic colour scheme.

The modest space is opened up by hacking away the walls that previously separated the foyer from the enclosed kitchen and dining room.To create a contrast from the predominantly grey foyer, the dining area and kitchen are outfitted with jet-black walls and glossy white and chrome counters.The end result is a sleek and contemporary cooking and dining space. This colour scheme was also chosen to evoke the ambience of a bar so the homeowner could unwind after a long day at work.With an emphasis on space, the owner decided to incorporate only the bare necessities for the dining area and focused on enhancing the experience of one of the owner’s favourite pastimes — wine.

The height of the custom-made dining table is raised and seamlessly attached to the matching kitchen counters, doubling as a wine counter. Slanted shelves attached to the side of the table house his favourite bottles of wine and wine accessories.
The master bedroom was a challenge with its angular shape.The owner knocked down the wall between the guest room and the master bedroom to create space. It also allows the owner to create a walk-in wardrobe designed like a stylish retail store space so he can savor his collection of designer bags, shoes and fashion accessories.
The expanded boudoir is dressed lavishly with wallpaper in luxurious animal hide print.This strong pattern also draws the eye away from the awkward angle of the room and helps create the illusion of a longer room.
The ensuite bathroom is similarly dark and glamorous with walls wrapped in glittery mosaic tiles.To let the bathroom wall shine and create an illusion of space, the team decided to encase one wall within see-through glass dividers.
From the living room to the washroom, this apartment has brought sexy b(l)ack.”

Source – SQUARE ROOMs, April 2011 issue.