Since I last wrote about BB cream for Men , I have received lots of inquiries about BB cream, signalling the strong interest of men towards this amazing multifunctional product. One of the most recent questions I received was concerning the shades of BB cream for Men.

  • Guy#1 wanted to look fairer and was looking for a BB cream that will help him look fairer, and
  • Guy#2 has natural golden toned skin and was wondering if there is a BB cream in the market that will be suitable for him.

I wanted to use these 2 examples to address the issue of selecting the right shade of BB cream.

Most BB cream available in the market are targeted at women and many focus on properties such as UV protection, coverage, whitening and anti-wrinkle, and they are mostly light shaded to match the skin tone of the ladies. There are only a handful of brands (mostly Korean brands though) that have created BB cream for Men.

To answer the question of Guy#1, my advise is that men should use BB cream according to their skin tone instead of choosing a tone that is lighter to deliberately create a fairer look – it usually ends up looking very obvious and unnatural. Instead of using BB cream as a make-up/coverage, go for one with good UV protection and whitening properties that will over time, improve and even out ones skin tone.

For Guy#2, with a darker skin, I will recommend him to try BB Cream from Laneige Homme and Lab Series. These are 2 BB creams that I really like after trying out many other similar products. Coincidentally, I was running out of my Laneige Homme BB Cream(picture left below) and had asked a girlfriend to buy for me during her trip in Seoul. She found out during the trip that Lanegie has repackaged the BB cream for men and specifically indicated that it is for darker skin (picture right) – they have another one for lighter skin too. What I really like about the product is its nice healthy shade and it evens out the skin tone when applied without looking like I have a lot of product on the face. Unfortunately, the last time I checked, the brand does not carry the product into Singapore – they seriously should consider it though.

Another alternative ( which is available in Singapore) is to try out Lab Series’s BB Tinted Moisturizer . The product is made for all types of skin tone for men as it will naturally blend into skin to even out the colors. It works well as a moisturizer and UV protector all day.