In my earlier post the Super Hair Removal (SHR™) ,  I spoke to Dr Israr Wong of KAE Clinic Medical Aesthetics who shared with me the benefits of this popular laser hair removal technique and I also had a chance try out the treatment at Dr Israr’s clinic.

I have some hair on my chest which had been bothering me because after prolong period of constant shaving, my skin became very sensitive and I got rashes and ingrown hair on some areas of the chest. I hoped that by permanently removing the hair on my chest, the condition will improve. In the picture below, it shows the result of my treatment after 3 treatments (done once a month).


The treatment took about 30 mins each time and it was  relatively painless – just a feeling of a little heat and a gentle zap on each laser. Because the laser is sensitive to dark pigments, it is important to  shave the treated area prior to the treatment so that the laser can hit the roots of the hair follicles.

After each treatment, I noticed the hair took a longer period to grow back (3-4 weeks) and the regrown hair is significantly finer. After 3 treatments, the ingrown hair are gone and my rashes has improved. More importantly, there are now lesser hair in the same area. I was told that in another 3 treatments, the hair will stop growing in the treated area.

Stay tuned to see my results after 6 treatments…

For more information about SHR, visit KAE Clinic Medical Aesthetics at 9 Penang Road, Park Mall #07-19 Singapore 238459 or website: