Make no mistake about it. How we smell is embedded into others’ first impression of us. If there’s a surefire way to leave a lasting impression, it’d be to tickle the olfactory fancy of others the WRONG way. It’s therefore important to pick the right scent that suits not just you but also the season of the year.

There’s probably no season more important than summer when it comes to smelling good. That’s because the heat amplifies smells. Good ones and the not-so-good ones. Yours, and those from other people and sources. It is therefore crucial to pick a scent that smells good and works well in warmer weather.

Here are the best five summer fragrances for men that will help you waft confidently through any social setting.


Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water

Like a good classic hit song, you can never get tired of this fragrance. Cool Water by Davidoff  EDT was created by Pierre Bourdon and turns 30 this year. It’s an aquatic scent that is fresh and masculine. The fragrance starts on a fresh minty note and evolves to a heart of sandalwood. It then dries down to a woody finish of cedar and tobacco that’s warm but not overpowering. This scent is an easy crowd-pleaser so you can be confident no one would be holding their nose around you when you wear it.

Lucky You by Lucky Brand

Lucky You for Men

Created by Jean-Claude Delville in 2000, Lucky You for Men is what can be termed a “soapy” fragrance. It’s reminiscent of how our body smells after showering with a nice bar of soap. Think Irish Springs specifically. Lucky You for Men is a very crisp, green-smelling fragrance which kicks off with top notes of grass and light florals. It then slowly mellows to allow hints of cardamom to come through. While its official description mentions a woody base note, I’ve never quite experienced it. That said, it’s still a fantastic fragrance for warm weather and it lasts a good five to six hours on your skin.


Aqua Universalis by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Aqua Universalis

Francis Kurkdjian is a maestro of scents and this is the signature fragrance from his eponymous fragrance house. This fragrance smells crisp and lightly fruity. It’s also faintly floral but it tiptoes delicately on the border between a men’s and women’s fragrance. That’s what makes it a perfect unisex scent. Your scent journey starts with bergamot and lemon. It then passes through a white flower phase before ending with a mild and “sweet” woody base. This is perfect if you have an important social event after your gym session. Do note, however, that the sillage is pretty strong on this one, so less is more.


Clinique Happy for Men by Clinique

Happy for Men

This citrusy fragrance was created by Clinique in 1999. Similar to the fragrances listed earlier, it’s fresh, crisp and lightly floral. This is what you’d get if you could bottle the tangy spritz that is created when you peel oranges. After it ends its citrus top notes, it transitions into a light white floral scent before settling into a mild, musky and woody base of cypress, guaiac wood and cedar. The slight downside of this fragrance is that it doesn’t last very long. Therefore, touch up spritzes are definitely needed after the three-hour mark.


Neroli Les Colognes by Annick Goutal

Neroli Les Colognes

This is a unisex fragrance that was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is their in-house perfumer, Isabelle Doyen. This cologne features neroli, orange blossom and petitgrain. It’s a simple and straightforward fragrance that stays consistent throughout its somewhat one-note scent. Given that it’s a cologne, it’s mild in its lasting power so you’d need to add a few sprays about three hours. This is also popularly classified as a “soapy” fragrance so it gives you that freshly showered scent. Given its fresh citrusy scent, this is the perfect scent to wear for a summer picnic in the sun.