For bigger guys, whether they be tall or wide, it can often be difficult to suit up with stylish fashions. Between the lack of options available and the media constantly trending toward skinnier dudes, it can be disheartening for large men to find styles that appropriately fit them. However, things are starting to change for men-of-size thanks to better attitudes and more fashion offerings available than ever before. Everyone knows about the slimming effect of vertical stripes, but there are many more options for large men that you can take advantage of to ensure that you look your best. These are a few of our tips and style recommendations for how to utilize new trends and be large and in charge.

Feeling Fit in Activewear

We never thought we’d see the day but those sweatpants and hoodies you love so much are actually on trend. Call it activewear, athleisure, or loungewear—just don’t call it a comeback. Now, that doesn’t mean you can go around wearing the off-brand sweats with the mustard and chili stains in public, but the right pair can go a long way in making you look cool while feeling comfortable. The Nike Tech USOC Sweatpants continue their unstoppable takeover of men’s fashion and are constantly sold out both in stores and on the company’s website. Find a pair that fits well without being too baggy and pair them with a nice pair of shoes or boots for a confident and casual look.

Flannels and Plaids

Plaids are very “in” right now and are also the perfect pattern for big and tall men. The right plaid pattern provides the perfect rustic look that will look great all year long, but it’s especially nice in the winter weather. We love the variety of styles that are available from sports shirts to flannels, which give us some terrific options no matter what the weather might be. However, be careful to make sure whatever you buy fits well and complements your body shape, lest you look like a walking tablecloth.

Ditch the Belt for Some Suspenders

If you’re pushing a bit more around the midsection than most, you’re probably already too familiar with the problems that can come with a belt. Most people don’t consider that the shape of the stomach tapers and because of this a belt is going to constantly slip down below your belly. A classic pair of suspenders is just the thing for big and tall men. It provides the necessary support while remaining comfortable and keeping you from bunching and cinching your pants around your waist.

A Cut Above the Rest

You don’t want to look like you’re hiding something, you want to look good. That’s where adding some much-needed structure to your outfit comes in. One great way to do this is by going with spread collars for your button-down shirts. The broad collars help to keep your face looking proportional and allow you to go for a bigger knot when you wear a tie, which also helps to make you look smaller.


Accessories can go a long way and help to take attention away from your size and put it onto your outfit. In the winter months, a nice scarf paired with a slimming v-neck sweater can work wonders. Not only that, but it can keep you looking fresh when its freezing out.

With these style tips on your side, you’ll be lookin’ sharp in no time.