Biotherm Homme debuts the Force Supreme Life Essence
Lightweight make it a easy use for most men Really like the light scent of the essenceLotion absords quickly into the skin, leaving it clear and firm.
3.5Instant Boosting!

Biotherm Homme has just debuted the NEW Force Supreme Life Essence. It’s the male version of its very popular miracle essence for ladies, released to rave reviews, but now formulated to meet the demands of men’s aging skin.

Intensely concentrated with the highest dose of skin-coach Life Plankton, for the ultimate treatment for aging skin. Engineered as an essence-in-water: on contact, the ultra-concentrated liquid instantly smooths. Appeasing redness and irritations sensations. With a formulation engineered to be light as liquid to activate stronger skin for instant penetration and no sticky residues.

Use it first thing in the morning and before you go to bed for healthy boost to your skin.