Picking the right frame for your face

A good understanding of your facial shape will also go a long way to help you select the perfect eyewear to compliment you. In the following sections below, I will go through once again the 6 main face shapes and give some advices on what you should look out for, and the preferred frame type for each face shape. I have also found some examples the different frames - do click on it to check it out at

How to fold a pocket square?

Here are some basic ways to fold and place a pocket square in your suit jacket’s pocket. There are an infinite amount of ways to do this, but these are the basics. The idea is to not try too hard. You don’t want it to look too perfect, or too imperfect that it seems you tried for 10 minutes to get the right amount of pizazz and flare in your display. If you’re struggling, just stuff the damn thing in there and get on with your day.

The Man Clutch, can you pull it off?

The 'man clutch' is not a new concept but it is one accessory that has never really taken off among the mass male market. Maybe it's the name 'clutch' that is putting off the guys who feel that their masculinity is put to test if he is seen carrying a 'clutch' - it is something that a women will carry.