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squarestreet launches ‘single-handed’ watch Minuteman

Hong Kong based life-style store squarestreet recently launched their first watch, the Minuteman, a product that took its 2 Swedish designers Alexis Holm & David Ericsson three years to create, from the initial concept sketch through a painstaking and meticulous development process to ensured a the quality of the final product.

Iconic Watches: The Cartier Tank

I have chosen to start with the Cartier Tank, originally created by Louis Cartier in 1917 but little does he knows that he had created a legend - an archetype, some might even add.

How to keep up in a watch conversation

Before you head out to talk to the 'watch collectors' - not wanting you to sound like a fool - here's a crash course that will help you engage (or keep up) in a basic watch conversation.
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Get him these nice watches

Father’s Day is around the corner and what better than to have a few ideas of what to buy him. A watch is definitely something that would make every father happy, and if you do have a good budget, then a fine luxury piece see an even happier dad!
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Keeping Fit With a Tissot Watch

There will be a selection of people that make the gym part of their life routine. The question is how they measure their gym performance, whether it be running or cycling.