To get rid of that “spare tire”, we could all use a helping hand. That’s what the Torso Redefined therapy at Rexults MedSpa aims to do – to optimize the body’s natural functions and activate its fat-burning potential.

Aesthetics Today: Filler Injection for Men

To get better insights, I approached Rexults Clinic, a pioneer in medical aesthetics since in 1993 for more information about Filler Injection - a common procedure for men to give them a more youthful look.

Tested: Experiencing the Ulthera treatment

Following my earlier post introducing Ulthera, the non-surgical facelift that is offering people a chance to a tighter more youthful face without going under the knife, I had a chance to trial the procedure myself to experience the effect of this very popular treatment at Dr Israr Wong from Kae Clinic.

Ultherapy: The non-surgical facelift

If you are, like me, approaching the big 4 soon, you will understand the constant battle one has to face with aging sagging skin, and skin that's losing its elasticity and natural texture. The thought of getting a facelift suddenly is not so foreign anymore.