Exploring the Underbelly of Seoul’s Dining Scene

On a recent trip to Seoul I signed up with O’ngo Food Communications for a Night Dining Tour. Our guide for the evening was Won Choi, who spoke fluent English. It transpired that Won was studying in London and working as a tour guide with O’ngo while on his semester break.

Dunhill presents G. Lorenzi, the Cutler of Milan exhibition

During the London Collection Men week, dunhill showcased an exhibition 'G. Lorenzi, the Cutler of Milan', featuring the work of the legendary Milan Coltelliano or Cutler, which shuttered its doors in February 2014, after being a fixture of Milan’s Via Montenapoleone for 85 years.

Savour delicious seafood and beer at The Boiler

The Boiler, opened recently in the Tai Seng area of Singapore, is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint aimed at satisfying diners of all appetites by serving fresh live seafood in Louisiana style, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life after sunset.

Escentials x PIMABS: On Scents and Suits

September 11, 2014 in Escentials- Paragon, gentlemen from varied walks of life gathered for a night of perfumes and suits. The workshop, led by the industry veteran Shahrul Nordin from Escentials and yours truly, representing PIMABS Bespoke, sprouted an idea of combining scents to your overall outfit.