#HisStyleSnaps: Brendan Lai, United Kingdom

Brendan Lai (aka @ysl_one on Instagram) from UK, first caught my attention when I saw his photos being circulated on Facebook - well thanks to his perfectly sculpted physique and dashing good looks.

#HisStyleSnaps: Glenn Goh, Shanghai

A native Singaporean , working and residing now in Shanghai as a fashion stylist, though his boyish good look could easily pass off as a model or a K-pop idol. Running through his Instagram post, one could be easily be drawn into his glamorous lifestyle - photo shoots, appearance at fashion events and shoulder rubbing with A-list celebrities.
David Gandy in Singapore for Light Blue Fragrance (3)

Sunday Morning with David Gandy

Who can pull us out of bed early Sunday morning but an international male supermodel? William meets David Gandy, talks fashion, and how to be a gentleman.