Ah, I can only say that the Reebok Pump brings back so many fond memories of my secondary school days. And yes  ( my ‘Millennium’ boys), I am fortunate (actually old) enough to have owned a pair of the original Reebok pump. It was such a rage when it first launched – every cool kid in school have to own a pair.

25 years  later, Reebok is now celebrating the 25th anniversary of  the Reebok Pump, and as part of it, has teamed up with Singapore’s Limited Edt to give their take on the iconic sneaker. This collaboration is just one of a luminary list of collaborations being rolled out this year, each one showcasing a reimagination of the classic Reebok Pump.

For their version, Limited Edt took inspirations from the 80s when the Reebok Pump was born,  including in it the Spandex material and tights that were all the rage during that era with the use of neoprene on the upper. The shoe is decked in royal blue with accents in silver and orange, colors that are synonymous with their basketball concept store, Hall of Fame. Other details include the moniker JAM which represents the initials of the 3 designers – Jonning, Alvin and Mandeep.

The Reebok Classic x Limited Edt Pump Certified is available at all Limited Edt stores islandwide and will retail at SGD269.