It’s always interesting to read press releases, not just for the information in them, but for how information is prioritized. Just three lines into the one introducing ecko’s latest fragrance for men, we’re told its release is tied to fundraising efforts for Save The Rhino International. After testing the perfume, we found that quite telling: that some rhinos may actually be saved via the release of this perfume, may be its only saving grace.

While the ecko unltd. 72 boasts a heady bouquet of Italian bergamot, amber, English lavender, Tonka bean, Indonesian sandalwood and even suede, upon spritzing on the skin it registers singularly as a generically masculine citrus-sandalwood scent not too different from the nauseous miasma that spews out of a dimly-lit Abercrombie & Fitch store.

To be fair, the perfume’s sillage is lasting, if not potent. The scent is crisp, but it leaves a rotten aftertaste that reminded us of a changing room of men overzealous with their cheap aerosol deodorants. It just doesn’t conjure an image of tireless parfumiers gently blending delicate soupçons of essential oils.

But it saves rhinos. But not really either. The mechanism for raising the funds – capped at $10,000 and no more – is Instagram. Tag #EckoRhinoRescue on a post featuring a rhino (drawing, plushie, a print on a T-shirt, or an actual specimen) and Save The Rhino International gets a $1.

The ecko unltd. 72 promises to deliver cool confidence and capture the excitement of endless possibilities. It’ll no doubt bring on spontaneous sneezing and persistent headaches too. We say tag a rhino pic and forget it.

ecko unltd. 72 by ecko
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