What separates a man wearing a suit from a hipster wearing a suit? Well, a few things: hipsters may roll their jacket sleeves up, button their shirts only midway up a usually rather hairy chest, choose pants that end above the ankle, and wear chunky brogues instead of stuffy oxfords. Oh wait, we forgot accessories! Besides a nice watch (because all men love nice watches, hipster or not), the hipster will often deck his wrist with a hodgepodge mix of hipster bracelets. And by hodgepodge, we mean carefully-curated-to-look-insouciantly-put-together.

To create an authentic hipster look, there always needs to be irony. Pair a classy metal link watch with a handwoven tribal thread bracelet, along with Buddha beads and a leather strap. Wear thick lacquered wood bracelets with finer rope bracelets with a nautical hook. Combine colorful accents like rainbow acrylic beads or turquoise beads with dull rhodium or copper bracelets, or mix together some precious stones with vintage finds. The point is to juxtapose the refined and the rough, the commercial and the exotic, the old and the new.

It’s hard to overdo the hipster bracelets look, as long as they all have something in common. Maybe it’s their colour scheme – earthy olive and chestnut, or nautical aquamarine and turquoise. Or maybe it’s their structure – bands, strung beads, or bangles. They work best when they pick up colours existing on a suit, perhaps from a pocket square, a tie, or even tattoos. Men’s bracelets have become an essential part in any designer’s repertoire, and the variety is huge. We’ve picked out twelve of our favourites, of different colours, weights, and price points. Now that we’ve done the work for you, Time to embrace some hipster bracelets

1. Men’s Double Layer Bracelet
Ed Jacobs, $40

Ed Jacobs

2. Bracelet in Nero Intrecciato Nappa and Silver
Bottega Veneta, US$690

Bottega Veneta

3. Turquoise Bead Bracelet Pack
River Island, US$20

River Island

4. Double Bead Bracelet
Urban Outfitters, US$18

Urban Outfitters

5. Pyrite, White Gold and Diamond Bracelet
Luis Morais, US$1,750

Luis Morais

6. Small Bead Rawhide Bracelet
1-100, US$295 


7. ‘MyColors’ Bracelet
Tod’s, US$225


8. Beaded Bracelet
Eleventy, US$52.38


9. Handmade Turquoise Bracelet
StefaniFixCollection, US$99


10. Fishbone Bracelet
Pendleton, US$249 


11. Leandro Parachute-Cord and Silver Bracelet
Zadeh, US$352


12. Peace Charm Leather Bracelet
Paul Smith, US$244

Paul Smith