The wait is finally over, fans of SK-II MEN, who up till now have only 3 products (as compared to the much wider range for the ladies), has 2 newly launched product to complement their existing regime. And because we want you to first hear if from us, we got a special permission to make this special early announcement here to you, even before the official media launch in Singapore later this month.

So here they are… presenting the new SK-II MEN Brightening Serum and SK-II MEN UV Protect Moisturiser.

The SK-II MEN Brightening Serum is special treatment, used after the treatment essense and before applying the moisturizer, and powered with NEW SK-II Vibrant Bright Complex containing Golden Marine Essence, a unique and special algae derived from the French Ocean containing rich minerals, amino acids and moisture ingredients to reveal brighter skin. Studies have shown that while women focus more on ‘skin tone’, men place equal important on improving ‘skin texture’ and and ‘skin tone’.

Sporting a dual care approach, NEW SK-II Men Vibrant Bright Complex targets skin tone and skin texture for brighter and smoother skin. The complex reduces the source of excess melanin to lighten skin tone while locking in moisture in skin to effectively improve skin texture.

Protection against dark spots/dullness is the critical care for the skin. The SK-II MEN UV Protect Moisturizer provides ample UV protection while providing moisturizing for the skin. It contains the Vibrant Protect Complex consisting of new key ingredient, Carnosine, SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera and Niacinamide, to attain a bright and vibrant skin tone and smooth texture, while maintaining a non- greasy exterior.

If you are eager to get your hand on the products now, the SK-II MEN Brightening Serum and SK-II MEN UV Protect Moisturiser are available exclusively at Robinsons Orchard from now until February before the island-wide launch. Hurry now… be the first to try it out!