I recently came across this UK based brand, Sin Star,  recently during of one my online escapades and thought that some of you might like it here – especially those of you with a rocker spirit at heart.

This brand was launched in 2010 by best friends and fellow band members, Sam Bell and Ryan Stripe who both shared a common love for rock music and decided to use their other talents in photography and graphic design into a business that marries their passion in one.

Their aim was to create a brand which was respectable, and yet carried a message. They wanted the clothes to be wearable, and yet be a representation of their lifestyles – including the mayhem of band life, and the rock’n’roll existence that so many aspire to. However the brand itself exemplifies complete versatility and appeals to a broader audience, including the band scene, urban sports fans such as BMX and Parkour, and the everyday Average Joe.

The brand’s message is ‘Armour Against Authority’, something the boys believe inspires a positive outlook on the future. They know that life is not easy, they have suffered at the hands of many ups and downs, both in their band and their new business venture. As they have followed, and now realised, their dream, they urge others to do the same.

Check out their online store at SinStarClothing.com

These are some cool items that I really like …

Studded Leather Biker Jacket

Naked Skull Black Tee


Always and Forever Vest