You wake up one morning and realise the weather’s changed. It’s much cooler out, and you’re standing in front of your wardrobe wondering – what am I going to wear? As much as we encourage personal style and disdain the many rules of the fashion world, we’ve compiled some of the latest trends for Fall. Consider it a shortcut to deciding what may be missing in your closet. We took another look at the FW15 runway shows that happened in January, and also found some predictions on which colors will come to define autumn this year.

Get animal. 

Cooler temperatures call for thicker materials. While most of us laymen put on the layers for warmth, fashion designers see it as a golden ticket to realise their fantasy wardrobe and get wild with fabrics. Particularly in vogue this season, as seen from the FW15 show earlier this year, are animal-sourced fabrics.

For starters, the fluffy goodness of shearling made its way from the wild west onto the runway, riding on the popularity of more utilitarian looks. Lambswool on one side and suede on the other, shearling is warmer than goose down, lighter than fur, and as you can expect, very comfortable to wear in cooler climes.

Another animal-sourced fabric getting lots of attention is leather. Leather has never been “out”, so to speak – even when the green movement took off in the ‘90s, the fashion world clenched its tanned hides to its nose and never let go. More significant this season, however, is its use in making pants. Rebels rejoice! Instead of the skin tight chaps of the ‘60s, however, most designers chose to give leather pants a more tailored look – making it more accessible to different styles. This trend continued into SS16, signalling that your investment in a good pair will be rewarded.

Add on some fur (because what is winter without some fur?) and you’ll be right on top of the trendy scale. One extra note – we would be remiss to mention, also, that leopard prints are in again. Wear them muted, monochromatic, and if you’re daring, all over.

Fall for warm and cool colors.  

The browns and reds of autumn leaves have always been a staple inspiration for Fall season colors, and this year is no different. There are no qualms in resurrecting classic shades like oxblood, burgundy, and red velvet, which offer the warm side of the Fall palette. These tones not only provide an illusion of warmth and comfort, they can also accentuate the rosy cheeks and lips that come with cold weather. For Asian men, they can also complement the brown in the eyes and the deep shades of black hair. Rich palettes fit best with more conventional styles of clothing, so go for them if your preferred archetypes are Traditionalist, Prep, Normcore, or even BoHipster.

If archetypes like the Sportif or Islander speak to you, however, there are the icy, glacial shades that have emerged as a modern, updated alternative. Instead of drawing only from foliage colors, online forecasting service Fashion Snoops looked instead at what they called “Frosted Neutrals”. Colors like smoke green and mauve with a touch of grey bring a more muted facet to the richesse of the standard Fall palette. And just in case you forgot, Pantone’s Color Report for Fall 2015 released earlier this year included such colors as “Stormy Weather” (a cool grey), “Biscay Bay” (grey blue), and “Dried Herb” (muddy green).

Balmy days and chilly evenings – Fall is indeed a perfect setting for warm and cool colors set side by side.

Relive the Seventies

Fall is a time for nostalgia, not of warm summer days gone, but of the bold fashion of the ‘70s. Before you dust off your neon-green polyester suit, note that the idea here is to be a subtle throwback. Think David Bowie on his day off. Skinny pants should flare at the very bottom, and feel free to pick some flyaway collars to match. Otherwise, get some baggy trousers and cinch them high with a skinny belt. A modern roll-neck would work beautifully with that. Again, these styles have been reissued on the runway for SS16, which means they’ll keep you stylish till next year.

For outerwear, the rebel-inspired moto jacket should be distilled to a minimalist silhouette. The it-coat, however, is really the car jacket. Consistent with the theatrical outlines that marked the ‘70s, the coat should be boxy, and reach just below the knee. If animal prints don’t do it for you, go floral. Not psychedelic flower power, though. Keep it monochromatic in one of the deep rich colors of the season.


This article is part of our Fall Style Diary series. For seven weeks in the fall/winter season, His Style Diary will be offering some nifty advice on how to best seize the final trimester of 2015. Our focus is, of course, style – the colors and fabrics to wear this season, must-have fall accessories, and even something for those who live in the tropics but still wish to get into the mood of autumn.

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