The house of Giorgio Armani has release the third variance, Eau d’Arômes to its ARMANI fragrance line to complete the trilogy chapters. Simply put, the entire range inspired by and an interpretation of Giorgio Armani’s fashion collection.

Eau pour Homme, the first fragrance create by Giorgio Armani is the perfect olfactory interpretation of the iconic Armani blazer – de-constructed, fluid, timeless and incredibly chic. An Italian style in which craftsmanship and creativity unite to design the most difficult creation of all: a timeless yet endlessly modern classic.

With the second fragrance, Eau de Nuit, we see a reference to the stylish Armani dinner jacket: a midnight blue-black tuxedo, a colour dear to the designer himself. In this fragrance, the exuberance of a fresh cascade of water blends with the rich and bewitching sensuality of amber and iris. Eau de Nuit thus opens a new chapter dedicated to the harmony of darkness and light for all men taken with elegance.

And now, with the latest Eau d’Arômes, a new facet of the Giorgio Armani collection is reflected. It’s  a very casual relaxed chic style inspired by the same iconic fluid blazer, but this time in a linen version. The delight of a moment away from it all, a chic and comfortable outfit, a fluid look with refined fabric… The Eau d’Arômes man exudes this casual elegance that belongs to him alone.

The fragrance

The perfumer’s art, like that of a tailor, is to make something very complex appear simple and effortless.

Spicy and spontaneous, Eau d’Arômes is a play of contrasts, at once powerful and light, with freshness and warm depth. The masterful combination of the spicy-woody and citrus accords creates a deeply textured ensemble: dynamic, masculine and sensual.

Type: EDT     Fragrance Family: Woody

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Ginger

Heart Notes: Cardamom, Sage, Chili Pepper

Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Ambergris

Editor’s Ratings:

Scent: 4/5     Longevity: 3/5     Sillage: 3/5     Bottle: 3/5