New year, new New Year resolutions. If you’re scrambling to find new, good habits to stick to (and hopefully keep), why not try going natural? If you only paid attention to the ingredients that go in your bath products, moisturizer, or mouthwash, you’d likely find chemicals you find hard to pronounce. And who needs more of those? While “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean more effective, choosing a natural alternative can definitely set your mind at ease – especially when the products have been tried and tested. Here are our top picks for your new year!


You might already know to avoid aluminium (usually in the form of aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex) in your deodorants – they’re responsible for yellow pitstains on your white T-shirts. (Bonus: use OxiClean to get rid of them, not bleach!) Yet, deodorants without aluminium can still contain irritating chemicals such as synthetic fragrances. Go all-natural with fragrance-free Thai Crystal Liquid Spray Deodorant, which employs mineral salts found in nature to combat bacteria and the odours they cause. It’s non-staining, unscented, alum-free, and hypoallergenic, so you’ll have no worries whatsoever. Best part – it can also be used for stinky feet!

natural deodorant


Anti-acne products are infamously packed with all sorts of chemicals that can dry out the skin and cause unnecessary irritation and inflammation. Many people with acne problems find that while their pimples might get under some control after using these products, their skin is often left blotchy, irritated, and itchy. If acne creams chock full of bleaching agents like benzoyl peroxide don’t work for you, how about putting nothing on your face at all? With the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask, you can fight your acne without any chemical – just a combination of blue light and red light. The blue light takes out any acne-causing bacteria, while the red light reduces inflammation, leaving your face smoother, less red, and less prone to breakouts. And that’s according to real people in a clinical study.

neutrogena light mask


If you’ve got sensitive teeth, whitening strips or paint-on whiteners can make you squirm in pain, thanks once again to bleaching agents. Whitening gels often come in teeth trays, which can rub against your gum tissue, causing quite some discomfort (and excessive drooling). Enter Carbon Coco‘s natural teeth whitening solution, which uses Nature’s best impurity eliminator – carbon. Yes, this black stuff is responsible, among many things, for the clean drinking water found underground (hello aquifers), as well as ridding upset stomachs of nasty bacteria. The logical next step? Combating yellow teeth – especially those tarnished by cigarette use, tea, coffee, and wine stains. Simply dip a provided bamboo fibre toothbrush in the pure carbon powder, and brush away. While the carbon absorbs impurities and bad odours, its fine particles gently scrub away surface stains. It might leave your mouth looking a tad scary, but the carbon comes off with a quick round of brushing with a normal toothpaste. Follow with the organic coconut oil pulling, and your mouth will be golden. Well, not literally of course.