Gone were the days where a pair glasses was just a vision aid as the advancing medical technology has given many alternatives to people needing vision aid such as contact lens and corrective eye surgery like Lasik (I did mine 5 years ago). So is eyewear going to become a thing of the past – displayed in a museum and remembered as a tool that once served millions of peoples?

The answer is no, of course.

Eye-wear really serves a much bigger purpose in today’s world-  aside from a vision aid, it also an important ‘visual’ function too. Many people wear glasses at work to give them a serious executive look while others wear a specific frame to help correct the shape of his face or other imperfections on the face, and for some shy people, it actually serves as a disguise and tool to give them confidence with talking to people. Finally, of course we have the sunglasses, which protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, and prevents you from making eye contact with stranger on the streets (LOL!).

For me, the aesthetics function of eye-wear has evolved and it has become an important fashion accessories for both men and women in the modern world. I own at least dozen pair of glasses (and I am not talking about sunglasses only) with no power and I alternate them depending on my mood and what I am wearing that day.

Call me old-fashion if you want, but I always love vintage looking glasses like the classic aviator or a thick black rimmed frame in different shapes. This coming season, I have noticed that many brands have released some cool looking glasses that have a retro touch to it. Have a look and let me know which one is your favorite.

From Burberry

From Dolce & Gabanna (my Fav!)

Good Old Classic RayBan Aviator


Another RayBan Classic


From Prada


Here's another interesting frame from RayBan

Source: Luxottica