Here’s a very classic style you see on those good looking actors in Korean drama, so if the K-style looks is what you are looking for, this is one basic cut to try. It’s clean simple and versatile enough for you to wear in 2 different ways -slick it up for a formal dapper look, or let the fringe down for a casual boyish look.

Hair is about 7-9cm on the crow and 1cm on the sides, in a 2-block cut. If you have very thin hair, a light can create some volume, but if you have thick hair,  try doing a down-perm to relax the hair on the sides. Note that not many salons know how to do down-perm because it is very ‘Korean’ technique. One such salon here in Singapore is Pro Trim, as they have a lot of Korean stylists in their salon.

Source: Evanstyle.