The 2-block cut is a very trendy style these days, made popular by the K-pop wave and many male Korean idols who are spotting such hairstyle. In this article, I am featuring this stylish variation of the 2-block and how it can be styled in 2 ways. As you will need a lot of volume on top, discuss with your hairstylist if you hair is longer enough on top (crown to your fringe) to create this look.

Here we have a before and after look of the model after the cut.

To achieve the cut, the hair is taken very short on the side while the top and the are keep longer to create the contrasting 2-block.

For a simpler dandy look, style the hair neatly downwards with the fringe naturally framing the face.

Alternatively,  flip the fringe upwards by applying some hair pomade or wax and using a hair dryer to blow the fringe upwards. To keep the hair in place, finish off by setting the hair with a firm hold hair spray.

Do you have a similar 2 block hair cut? Send me ( a picture of your front and side profile and you might get featured on His Style Diary’s Facebook page.