In the last 3 years, I can’t help noticing a sudden resurgence of men growing their facial hair ; be it a moustache or a full beard,  and I vaguely remember a period (not too long ago) when a goatee was popular amongst ‘some’ men here in tropical Singapore.

Well not that I have anything against it, and there are some guys who look really good with facial hair, for example Nick Wooster, Marc Jacobs and of course David Gandy. However, I have to admit I am not a fan of it, especially on Asian (Chinese) men; they either do not have a lot of hair to begin with, or do not have strong facial features to pull off that ‘masculine’ look, often ending up looking old and ‘dirty’.

And thanks to the global Movember campaign – an annual event involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancer – the ‘mo’ (short for moustache) trend has caught on in Asia countries like Singapore since they brought the campaign here 3 years ago. It’s a great cause and I salute every individual who participated and pledged donations to raise funds for the charity. At the time of this writing, Singapore has 2,766 participants and they have raised about SGD167,093 for the Movember campaign (you check follow their updates here.)

It ‘s now close the middle of (M)November, and if you happen to be growing a ‘mo’ for the past 2 weeks, I reckon you should be seeing some hair by now (if not, read Para 2 of this article again, you are one of those dude I was talking about). It’s now time for you to experiment with your mo by trimming and  styling it to create your personal look. And believe me, I know guys who have grown personally attached to their mo.

And just for the fun of it, below is a list of different types of moustache that you can grow…And to twist and curl your ‘mo’ into the desire shapes such as like the ‘Handlebar’ and ‘Dali’, you will need some strong styling wax. Want to be a pro? You  can try one of these moustache wax available from The Panic Room.

 Captain Fawcett – Lavender Moustache Wax

 How To Grow A Moustache – ‘Tache Wax 


Like it or hate it, I think the moustache trend is here to stay, at least once a year. And frankly, I think it should be left at that – get your moustache kick just once a year, go flaunt your manliness for a good cause and get rid of it before Christmas comes. Unless of course, you are intending to moonlight as Santa Claus for the holiday.