Let me put this full disclosure right on top: I don’t fancy Chris Pine much. But I completely understand why men and women alike swoon over him. Those thick, manly brows, high cheekbones, chiseled jawline, and mesmerising blue eyes! Or maybe it’s the fact he did a teary standing ovation while watching John Legend and Common perform “Glory” at the 2015 Academy Awards. Or, because he’s quite an accomplished actor.


I must confess, too, that I haven’t seen his latest big screen offering, Hell or High Water, which incidentally has already received a 99% rating from 136 of Rotten Tomatoes’ self-styled cinema critics. The trailer seemed rather compelling, but multi-millionaire pretty boy with a manicured beard Chris Pine playing a Texan rifle-toting serial bank robber? He does fine playing a hot-headed captain in a Western disguised by intergalactic sparkle like Star Trek, but roughing it up in an actual, tumbleweed Western with a title like Hell or High Water? I had my doubts.

Aside from the worn-out plaid shirts, surprisingly well-fitted dark denims, and scuffed-up cowboy boots, it’s the make-up that really sold the role for me. It’s not the dirt carefully smudged on his face (because “hide that hideous mug”, to Chris Pine said no one ever) – it’s the hair. It’s that thick, voluminous hair you associate with robust, rugged or might I even venture to say, virile, men. Men who can fill out his sleeves, his pair of jeans. It’s that slicked back look that says ease and convenience, because it’s not stiff or too combed; instead, you’d expect him to simply have run his fingers through it. And when the wind blows, it don’t matter – the hair flows easily with the breeze, and gets back in place as easily.

Hell or High Water - Chris Pine

According to American Crew All-Star Sarah Adams, getting that insouciantly handsome look isn’t all that difficult. Towel dry your mid-length hair fresh out of the shower, and whip out American Crew’s Alternator spray – which leaves a pliable finish that allows restyling thanks to nifty acrylate derivative polymers. Use one pump for each side of the head, and one each on the front, top, and back of the head. Run your fingers through your hair like you’ve just walked through the swinging doors of a saloon in slow-mo, to distribute the product all over. Blow-dry if you need, and continue caressing that hair with your fingers, pointing the air towards the back. If you need more hold and weight, add another two pumps of the Alternator, or apply a little of American Crew’s Forming Cream. Voilà!

Classic Alternator

Now everyone can have Chris Pine’s luscious locks. Go out there and make someone swoon. Throw on a chambray shirt. Tote a gun, if you like. Just don’t rob a bank, please.