Feeling tired and need a rest at the office? Have a “Tie Break”!

Well, on the surface, that’s what French luxury brand Hermès is suggesting with its newly launched mobile app,”Tie Break” – a fun quirky application loaded with animated gifs, arcade-style games, quizzes, and videos, all revolving around the world of the Hermès tie.

In fact, I think it is the brand’s way of bring the fun back into wearing a tie.  Today, the ‘tie’ often conjures the serious image of a formal corporate executive, or a banker, a lawyer… I mean, who still wears the tie when off-duty? (well…actually sometimes I do.)If you download and explore the Hermès “Tie Break” app, you will be learn so much more about ties and the Hermès craftsmanship and how the brand creates the print and hand stitches its ties. Plus, no tie app will be complete without some user tutorials on how to tie a tie (do check out the Reverse Tie) and put a scarf in 7 ways!

Editor’s note: This app is actually loaded with a lot of cool stuff, but you have to keep playing with it to unlock more content. Have fun and when you look down at your mobile, do check out what you are wearing. It might be the time to get yourself a new H***** tie.