With an Instagram profile that attracts 30,000 loyal followers, Catry Lee, our #HisStyleSnaps, checks all the boxes. A dancer/model from Hong Kong, his social media feed is a window into his dancing and modelling career, his obsession with fashion (especially shoes and bags!), as well as his pets: a couple of adorable French Bulldogs, Brooklyn and Sparta. Of course, his super ripped body hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

Want a body like his? Be prepared to work out for 6 hours everyday – well, at least that’s what he does! Besides his spartan workout regime, we also spoke to him about what inspires his style, and what he thinks makes a man sexy.


HIS STYLE DIARY: Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into dancing and modelling. (I see you performing together with some superstars – that’s awesome!)

CATRY LEE: I started dancing at the age of 18, learning the techniques of basic jazz. I then went on to study other dance genres when I started to work with Hong Kong celebrities, performing alongside them in concerts. My modeling career began with TV commercials, billboards around Metro stations and mainly in prints on fashion magazines. As part of my modelling career, I stayed in Taiwan for half a year concentrating on men’s fashion magazines and TV commercials.

HSD: Can you share with us a memorable performance experience?

The finals on the TV dance competition I took part in where I came in as 2nd runner-up .

HSD: Is there any superstar you would die to perform with?

CL: I’ll really love an opportunity to work with Aaron Kwok! He’s the king of pop in Hong Kong.

catry4catry5HSD: What is your personal style?

CL: I don’t have a specific style per se. I like to adapt to different themes, especially on stage when they require me to adopt different types of performances. I’m not exactly very tall, standing at 175cm, so I feel it’s important to understand proportions well and present the best side of yourself.


catry9HSD: Do you have a style icon? Someone who inspires the way you dress?

CL: Eugene Tong, the styling director of Details, and James Dean, inspire me the most. I like how they dress casually and comfortably yet remaining stylish even when they are not in the spotlight.




HSD: In your opinion, what makes a men sexy?

CL: Someone who’s sexy maintains a healthy lifestyle and keeps himself looking sharp and clean without appearing haggard.

HSD: Describe the most beloved bag you own, and tell us why you love it so much.

CL: Hermes 40cm Birkin. Though it can be quite heavy, the Birkin bag definitely matches with every style and makes each style even more classy.

HSD: What are some of the fashion brands that you wear?

CL: Shoes, watches and bags are important for me. I love Saint Laurent shoes and Nike sneakers. I’m quite easy when it comes to clothes. Topman, H&M or Zara are brands I’ll pick for that.



HSD: Androgyny is one of the major trends on the runway. What’s your say on that?

CL: Unisex is a good concept but I don’t think guys should appear too feminine. Guys should always retain a manly edge to their appearance.

HSD: You are really fit! What is your fitness regime like?

CL: I exercise for 6 hours every day, 3 at the gym for workouts and 2 dance classes for an hour and a half each. I take 12 egg whites everyday together with 6 meals a day. I don’t keep track of my caloric intake, though. I don’t exactly choose the type of food I eat! I eat anything and everything.

HSD: What’s your grooming regime like, in the morning and at night?

CL: I put on a facial mask every night and only wash my face with warm water. Definitely not with hot water as that dries your face up and causes your pores to be enlarged.


catry11HSD: Some hairstyles take longer to do than others. What’s the maximum amount of time acceptable to you? How long does your hairstyle take?

It’s fairly easy to do my hair given I have natural curls. I’m a pretty impatient person so I won’t be able to take sitting down for hours in a hair salon for treatment. Maybe that’s why I chose dancing since I can never have an office job that sits down at the desk for the whole day 🙂

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