In this week’s #HisStyleSnaps, we feature a handsome model from the sunny island of Singapore. Signed to NOW Models, Edmund Ng has been a friend of mine for many years, and he is one of those people who doesn’t seem to age. Instead, he looks better and better every time I see him, darn it!

Truth be told, it’s not easy to find a fitting candidate for #HSS from Singapore. I wanted our first Singaporean #HSS to feature someone truly worthy of the mention. Well, Edmund checked all the boxes. He’s smart as a whip, stylish, gifted with good looks. Great genetics too – it seems he doesn’t have to work out everyday or diet like crazy to look super ripped.

In this interview, Edmund opens up to us about his personal style, his thoughts about the male modelling industry, and also a social cause that he passionately fights for.


HIS STYLE DIARY: Tell me about yourself! 

EDMUND NG: Well, I’m involved in a number of things – I guess I like to think of myself as a world traveler, sometime model, and musician.

HSD: You’re signed to NOW Models. How long have you been modelling and how did you get started?

EN: Hmm… I’ve been with NOW for the last 2 years. I was scouted, which is pretty much the way most people start.ed6

HSD: What do you think is the trend in the male modelling industry at the moment? What do you think is the future of male models in general?

EN: I feel like male modeling has become a lot more diverse and now comes in many different shapes and forms – we are also seeing gender becoming more fluid, which I think broadens the definition of beauty and masculinity. Hence, the future of male models.

HSD: As a model, you’re often styled by fashion stylists for shoots. What is your personal style when you are not ‘working’?

EN: I’m sadly guilty of making many monochromatic choices when it comes to fashion. However, I like to experiment with different silhouettes – my current obsession is with wide leg trousers which I like to pair with a scoop neck T shirt. I would describe my personal style as clean cut with an edge.


HSD: Do you have a style icon? Someone who inspires the way you dress?

EN: Definitely Tom Ford. Tom once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

HSD: Do clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? Why?

EN: The man maketh the clothes. Wearing the apparel and not letting the apparel wear you.

HSD: Tell us a fashion trend that you love, and one that you hate.

EN: Right now, wide leg pants. Not such a big fan of print on print.



HSD: What’s a fashion faux pas that you absolutely cannot stand?

EN: Men wearing too many sparkly things.

HSD: As a Singaporean, can you comment about the way men in Singapore dress? What areas of improvement are there, if any? 

EN: I think Singaporean men have come a long way in understanding fashion. That being said, we’re still a fairly unadventurous lot. If there is one thing I’ll change, I’ll say be a little more adventurous instead of dressing like everyone else.


HSD: Your body looks great. What’s your fitness regime like?

EN: I go to the gym 3 times a week and maintain a fairly healthy diet.

HSD: What’s your favourite workout? Describe it and tell us why you love it.

EN: I like doing the hanging leg twist. You start in a chin up position, raise your legs up, and with your legs together twist side to side. I love it because it strengthens your core and really works your obliques.

HSD: Do you have a secret to looking great in terms of diet?

EN: I believe in moderation. I eat everything but tend to avoid processed and deep fried food. I also like eating lots of vegetables and fruits.

HSD: Are you into facial hair? Why or why not?

EN: Yea absolutely. I think it can help accentuate your facial structure.

HSD: What’s your normal grooming routine like?

EN: I follow a three step routine and always use sunscreen in the day.

HSD: How addicted are you to Instagram, from 1–10, 10 being “I can’t live without it”?

EN: 6.5… haha!

HSD: Tell us about the special cause you fight for. 

EN: I play the flute and perform with a group called “Kaze”. We raise money for the Singapore Cancer Society over Christmas. The SCS does amazing work with research and outreach, while supporting needy patients. Do support them!

You can follow Edmund on his Instagram @edhuangsg.