Our featured personality this week, Glenn Goh, incidentally has been my Facebook friend for a while. A native Singaporean, Glenn resides now in Shanghai where he works as a fashion stylist. With his boyish good looks, Glenn could easily pass off as a runway model or a K-pop idol. Running through his Instagram post, one could be easily be drawn into his glamorous lifestyle – photo shoots, appearances at fashion events, and rubbing shoulders with A-list celebrities.

We asked him a couple of questions to be get some insights into his life, and his thoughts about living in Singapore versus Shanghai.


HSD: Looking at your Instagram, you seemed to have an exciting lifestyle. Tell me a little about how you ended up in working in Shanghai. 

GG: I graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with Fashion Design in 2011 and a year after that, I was poached as an in-house fashion stylist to style the celebrities in the agency for their jobs in China. I started assisting stylists and photographers in Singapore in April 2008 for extra money for school materials back then before I was enrolled into Lasalle.

HSD: What is your personal style?

GG: I’d say comfort, simple and nonchalant.

glenn2HSD: Who is your style icon, someone who inspires the way you dress?

GG: Honestly, I do not have a specific style icon. I like to be inspired by the people around me, on the streets, in the cafes, on social medias because they are usually from different walks of life. I do also get my inspirations from lookbook of labels, styling from the runway, street fashion photography websites and fashion editorials, if not real life.

HSD: Do clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? Why?

GG: Certainly the man would make the clothes. I strongly believe that someone who carries a strong charisma could pull off even the simplest clothing on the shelf and make it look awesome.


HSD: Some guys love shoes, some love belts. What’s your favourite accessory? Why?

GG: I don’t have a favorite accessory. Usually depending on what I am wearing on that day; a pocket square is a must if I’m wearing a blazer/suit. And I feel that my golden iPhone 6 Plus has become an accessory as well.

HSD: If you’re asked to evaluate if a man is stylish, what would be the first thing you look out for?

GG: I always look at his body language, mannerism and his posture. Because (1) Even the most well-made custom suit won’t look as good if they don’t have the charisma; (2) no matter how good he looks in his outfit, it’s only skin-deep, and (3) one can’t pretend for too long.


HSD: Tell us a fashion trend that you love, and one that you hate.

GG: I hate the flipping up of collars on A&F or Hollister polo tees as a daily look. I love the Athleisure fashion trend where luxury tailoring is taking a more technical approach.

HSD: Androgyny is one of the major trends on the runway. What’s your say on that?

GG: We are at a century when anything could happen. As long as one is confident and comfortable, androgyny can turn out to be a very strong look. It goes pretty much with the attitude on another level and not just skirts on men or pants on women.


HSD: What are some of the brands you wear?

GG: Nike, Alexander Wang, Burberry, TY-LR, Juun. J, Muji. I also design and wear my own clothing.

HSD: As a Singaporean living in Shanghai, can you compare and share what you like (or dislike) about each of these cities.

GG: I dislike that there’s no winter/autumn in Singapore, like Shanghai does. I like the fact that the Chinese are more daring/experimental in what they wear on the streets: 10/10 for the effort!

HSD: Can you tell us if the men in Shanghai are stylish or fashionable?

GG: In general, I wouldn’t consider the men in Shanghai stylish or fashionable, but definitely better than other parts of China because of the history of Shanghai and also the influences from expats from all over the world relocating to Shanghai. There are definitely well groomed men in Shanghai, but fewer than more.

You can follow Glenn on Instagram.