Welcome to the first of our #HisStyleSnaps series – short weekly features of stylish men we follow on Instagram. In this inaugural post, Ivan Changa slender Taiwanese native who has a special love for Hedi Slimane and body art, tells us about his personal style, and why he has so many followers on Instagram.


HSD: Describe for us your personal style. 

I: The foundation of my style is Hedi Slimane, London street, even hedonistic. My favourite way of mixing stuff together is setting new items against vintage pieces. I love Hedi, the skinny trend he started, and his exact understanding of various English menswear styles. I also pair unique items with high street accessories. I love punk, rock, retro, street, runway fashion – and I mix them all together to form my unique style personality. ivan5

HSD: Do you plan your daily outfits? Or do you only spend time dressing up the weekends? 

I: Well, since I’m in the fashion industry, I dress up almost everyday! I have a very distinct style so dressing up is just switching out individual pieces. I don’t actually need to plan, unless it’s a special occasion. And even then I don’t need to put in that much effort!

HSD: What’s your favourite wardrobe item? 

I: I have a special love for skinny jeans, of course!


HSD: Tell us one trend you like, and one you cannot stand. 

I: I love that anglophilia is well and alive, with its handsome, tailored looks.  But what I don’t like is people blindly following the trends and all looking like one another!

HSD: Please give us your top 5 designers or brands.

I: Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, AlexanderMcQueen, Gucci, JUUN.J, and Jil Sander.

HSD: In the city where you come from, where do stylish men hang out over the weekend? 

I: This is a hard one. It all depends!  Taipei is full of weekend activities – drinking, watching movies, karaoke!

HSD: If I looked into your bag, what items in there are going to surprise me? 

I: Make-up. 😉

ivan1HSD: Your body is a canvas of tattoos! Could you tell us more about them? 

I: This body of work took 8 years! Most of my tats don’t really have a meaning – I just like how they look. My favourite is the serpent in the middle of my neck. The latest one I did is a chameleon on my right ear. I love it because it was done by a good friend of mine who’s a tattoo artist from Hong Kong. All the empty spaces shall eventually be filled up!

HSD: Androgyny has been a big runway trend. What are your thoughts about it? 

I: I follow fashion but I’m not one to delve into it too much. I prefer to observe the street when it comes to style – more examples, and they all have personal flair.

HSD: You have 25,700+ followers on Instagram! What’s the secret? 

I: I think you need a very clear theme. I’m also on Lookbook.nu, and I know people are interested in how I put outfits together in my style. So I give them lots of that!

You can follow Ivan on Instagram, Facebook, and on Lookbook.nu