You just returned from a winter holiday, and you want to store away all those knitwear and sweatshirts that you are not wearing in hot and sunny Singapore. But before you do that, make sure you give it a good wash before packing it away to prevent molds and mildew and giving yourself a foul surprise the next time you take them out.

Washing knitwear and sweaters can be easily done at home, but you will need to do it by hand. Handwashing your knitwear is the best wear to maintain it’s original luster and softness. Dry cleaning might seemed like a easier alternative but it reduces the lifespan on knitwear, especially cashmere. Believe it or not, a light hair shampoo works very well for most wool sweaters. Woolite is better for cashmere.

Fill a well scrubbed sink with lukewarm water and add about a capful of soap. If possible, turn sweater inside out to wash and let it soak for approximately fifthteen minutes, then drain and rinse until the water runs clear. Do not try not to wring a sweater(wringing can cause it to lose its shape); instead let it drip dry or roll excess water off in a towel then spread the sweater out flat returning it as close to its original shape as possible, and allow it to dry. Be extra careful of sweaters with attachments such as beads, embroidery work etc.; use cool water to prevent the colors from embroidered labels running.  Store sweaters carefully during summer months.

Do not use moth balls – they smell very bad and are very unhealthy for human beings. Use cedar balls, cedar sawdust in little calico bags, mixed herbal sachets or dry bay leaves between clothing layers or ask at your health food store for a safe alternative to moth balls. Keep wardrobe clean – dust out and vacuum at the end of each season.

Until the next winter holiday!!!