It’s a well known that bamboo often conjures images of Oriental paintings, and a staple food of the panda in China. It is also a primitive plant (actually it’s a grass) used in the the production of many everyday products such as food, paper, building materials (and the famous scaffolding structure in Hong Kong) and more.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth, with reported growth rates of 91 cm (36 in) in 24 hours, making this a green sustainable material of choices.

Inspired by it’s sturdy and durable property, IKEA made a collection of bathroom furniture called RÅGRUND made all of bamboo. To create this collection, the designers went down to work directly with their supplier in China to understand the best way to use the material.

The whole RÅGRUND collection is combination of  great design, sustainability and functionality. Check this video for more behind the collection…

This post is brought to you by IKEA.