As the cooler weather draws in, the search for the perfect winter jacket begins – but have you considered how your body shape could dictate which style you purchase?

Women have hourglasses, apples and pears to compare themselves to, to give themselves a loose idea of what would look flattering and how to accentuate their best bits. So, to help the guys, Superdry have created this informative guide for when you come to choose your new winter coat.

It takes a close look at body shape and size and then suggests an ideal jacket style that should complement that frame. For example, if you hit the gym often and have that desirable ‘triangular’ body shape, with broad muscular shoulders and arms then a pea coat is the best style.

Discover whether you’re an inverted triangle, a trapezoid, an oval or a slim curve and what jacket style would suit each of these. It might all sound a little strange but these markers are very helpful when determining what body type you have and how to dress for it!

Finding the Perfect Jacket

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