For my first fragrance review in the year 2012, I have picked Lanvin’s latest men fragrance Avant-Garde to share with everyone. The fragrance and design totally embodies its name and bears the personality of Lanvin menswear which the brand’s artistic director, Albert Elbaz defines as “the use of elaborate raw materials, a preference for detail, modernity, excellence, the expression of clean lines and comfort”.

The Lanvin Men is the modern-day Parisian dandy: nonchalant, masculine, elegant, and with an air of self confidence yet not arrogant. He embrances his masculaity but he allows his sensitive and sensual shows through his appreciation of beautiful clothes and luxurious materials.

Avant Garde itself is an oriental woody fragrance, bursting with exotic spices, along with woody and tobacco notes and a hint of beeswax, which gives it a sweet, edible honey inflection. The bottle design is amazing and feels like a smooth and sensual black pebble.

I wanted to create an olfactory interpretation of the casual elegance of Lanvin, with a streamlined, masculine and decidedly unique composition.- Shyamala Maisondieu, creator of Avant-Garde

Top Notes: Top notes of this woody oriental combine the freshness of Italian bergamot with the spiciness of Madagascan black pepper, pink peppercorns and juniper essence.

Middle Notes: Its dandyish middle notes beat wildly with an armful of lavender, sprinkled with fresh spices (nutmeg and cardamom) and then gathered together by beeswax to give the juice its honey inflection.

Base Notes: In the base notes vetiver mixes its savage intensity with the enveloping warmth of benzoin, the ecstatic spirals of a tobacco accord and the woody amber facets of the avant-garde Georgywood.

So is it any good? At first, it reminded me vaguely of JPG and then Mugler A*Men, but in a much gentler and warmer way, sexy and addictive, that I want to smell it again (and that is a very good sign). Great for guys who like a musculine woody scent. It is very lasting and works great for the night out.

Go check it out, it was launched in November 2011 ( in Singapore), so you will be able to find it at major department stores like Tangs and Takashimaya.

Source: Lanvin, Luxasia.