MARIO TESTINO: PRIVATE VIEW, a collection of iconic works from the visionary artist and photographer will open on 7th June 2012 at the prestigious Today Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition will bring together almost 100 of Testino’s most celebrated photographs, providing a unique insight into some of the most remarkable images of our time.

From portraits of royalty and award-winning Hollywood actors, to iconic cover images, Mario Testino has photographed the world’s most respected and influential people. His pictures have been featured world-wide across covers of international fashion magazines and through campaigns for the world’s leading fashion and beauty brands.

British luxury brand Burberry, who are longstanding collaborators with Mario Testino, will be supporting him for this inaugural exhibition in China.

Testino is known for the extraordinary way in which he can capture his subjects. He has a unique ability to create a connection with his sitters, offering spontaneous and intimate portraits, which captivate audiences worldwide and give the viewer an exclusive insight into an often unknown world. The exhibition will combine every aspect of Testino’s inspirational career in an installation that combines colour, light and video to illuminate the work of a modern master.

The show will also highlight the work of Testino’s 15 years of creative partnership with Burberry and the brand’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey. As the brand’s photographer Testino has captured some of the most instantly recognisable imagery which have resonated with fans of fashion, art and photography around the world.

Mario Testino Private View at the Today Art Museum, Beijing – June 7th – 27th, Opening times: From 10:00a.m.—5:00p.m. No Entry after 4:00p.m.

Source: Burberry.