I remember growing up as a teenager in the 90s, one of my first facial cleanser was from Bioré – part because of it’s TV ads  and also it’s what I could really afford at that age. It was easy to use and left my skin squeaky clean. There wasn’t really a lot of options back then.

Fast forward to 2014, as I hold the new Men’s Bioré in my hand – aside from feeling that I have aged 20 years since – I am glad to see this familiar brand around, and constantly introducing new products. The brand has now a line dedicated solely for men, and recently launched its first instant foaming wash series formulated for men to address different skin issues like oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads, and acne.

The Men’s Bioré Instant Foaming Wash instantly dispenses dense, ultra-fine foam with bubbles smaller than pores that unclogs dirt and oil effectively for long-lasting and clean after-feel. It also provides added convenience as the non-drip foam can be used as a facial cleanser as well as a shaving foam. Perfect for the guys who are too lazy to go through a multi-step regime.

The series comprises of 3 variances:

  • Men’s Bioré Double Active Instant Foaming Wash for normal to dry skin
  • Men’s Bioré Double Oil Control Icy Instant Foaming Wash for oily or combination skin types
  • Men’s Bioré Double Acne Control Instant Foaming Wash for men with acne-prone skin

So regardless of your skin type, there is one product you use to give you that refreshingly clean matt skin.

And one thing that has not changed, Bioré products remain very affordable targeted for a mass market. At only SGD9.85, the Men’s Bioré Instant Foaming Wash is definitely worth a try.