In Part 1 of my article, I touched on 5 fundamental etiquette to observe in the male locker room –

  • Respect personal space,
  • Not being naked for too long,
  • Keeping your eyes to yourself,
  • Don’t Dilly Dally in the locker room, &
  • Drying up after shower

The following are 5 additional points to note of the next time you are at the gym locker room:

6) Use towels provided properly

If you are lucky to workout in a gym that provides you with workout and bathing towels, please use them properly. I have seen people using the towels to wipe the dirty floor and other disgusting places. It’s really common sense, just ask yourself, will you use a tablecloth to wipe you face? The gym send truckloads of dirty used towels to the laundry on a daily basis and technically you are putting your trust on the services of the laundry company to return the gym with 100% clean towels. But think about it, what goes around comes around, that same towel you used on the floor might just come back to you the next time you go to the gym.

For those of you who are very particular about this, please bring your own towel for absolute peace of mind.

7) Hair dryer are for your hair only – seriously!

I have encountered on 2 occasions when I saw guys using the hair dryer to blow dry their body, armpits, feet and listen to this, their balls and ass. I mean OMGWTF!!!

It is first of all a very disgusting sight and quite honestly, these people have no self-consciousness or respect for other people. Why would anyone want to touch the hair dryer that was just used to blow dry someone’s crack. Frankly, if someone chooses to do this at home with his own personal appliances, that is really his own business. But please please please, observe some kind of proper human conduct when out in the public space… we are not there to watch an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “The Caveman and the Hairdryer”.

8) Be aware of how you smell

After a hard sweaty workout, most people will smell (some more then the other) and the locker room can be an olfactory nightmare when it is packed with stinky sweaty bodies during the peak hour in the evening. I have smelt the nastiest stench at my gym of someone with natural BO, mixed with his sweaty perspiration. I swear everybody was holding their breathe and trying to rush to get out of the locker room.

Be aware of your own smell – if you have BO, you have to know it already, if not ask your best friend and promise you will not get angry for his honestly. It is a good habit for everyone to use an light deodorant or antiperspirant before starting his workout to avoid smelling like a rotten rat. Also, be mindful of items like your shoes, socks and synthetic materials in your workout gear that can trap bacteria and cause odour. Make sure you wash them and air them well before you go to the gym and put them away quickly in the locker room to avoid embarrassing yourself by stares from the other guys.

Lastly, it is equally off-putting to spray a strong fragrance in the locker room. Remember that fragrance is a very subjective thing, and not everyone is going to like your favorite EDT. Leave your stronger evening fragrance at home and pack a lighter, sporty cologne in your toiletries bag, and use it only if you really need it.

9) Shoes

Alright, most people who are going to gym right after work will be carrying his workout shoes along. Please remember that the benches inside the locker room are meant for people to sit on, so please DO NOT ever put your shoes on the bench. It belongs to where the shoes are most comfortable – the floor. And make sure that your shoes are dry and not smelling like a dead rat by airing your shoes frequently, or using those sneaker deodorant that you can purchase off the shelves.

Some guys might be going barefoot and they don’t want to step in the mud, dog crap and mashed grass that rode in on the soles of your cross trainers. On the same note, wear shower shoes; nobody wants your athlete’s foot.

10) Clean up after use

Finally, this is really common sense. Clean up the area around you after you are done. If you shave in the sink area (don’t shave in the shower, it takes too long), wipe up the debris. Don’t leave your stuff all over the bench when you head to the shower, toilet or sink. Put away your used towels in the respective bins and make sure that you did not leave any wet surface behind for people to sit on.

That’s it, my 10 locker room etiquette are really quite simple and if everyone follows them, the gym locker room will be a much nicer place, for you and for me.