When speaking of writing instruments, naturally the name Montblanc would come to mind. The brand established 105 years ago in Hamburg is one of the most prestigious names in the world, thanks to the cult status of its legendary Meisterstück Writing Instrument – truly a legendary masterpiece.

Now, Montblanc has created another “legend”, in the form of a new fragrance for men.

If writing is the visible expression of the soul, fragrance is surely its unspoken, subliminal language.
Fragrances tell stories, shape emotions, evoke poetry. They caress the skin, writing in unseen ink what the fountain pen marks on paper in black on white.

British Simon Clark models for the ad campaign ( see video of behind the scenes below) and photographed by the German Peter Lindbergh. The ad depicts the LEGEND man – a man who does not allow himself to be described so easily. He prefers subtlety to overt explanation. He is quietly confident and assured, retained rather than talkative and he lives his feelings, his courage and his convictions.



Over the weekend, as I was doing my shopping, I passed by a perfume counter and had a chance to try out Montblanc Legend. The fragrance has a very distinct woody scent, it has a very familiar classy masculinity to it but with a very modern twist that makes it very unique. I was immediately drawn to the scent and settles very well after 10 minutes.

Olivier Pescheux, the perfumer behind this fresh fougere creation, tried to make the fragrance filled with contrasts, combining notes that evoke strength and tenderness, tradition and modernity. The composition opens with fresh aromatic tones of bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf and exotic verbena (Litsea Cubeba). The heart emphasizes oakmoss note (evernyl molecule) merged with geranium, coumarin, apple, rose, and Pomarosa molecule (notes of dried fruit). The base contains sandalwood, tonka and evernyl.

Definitely a fragrance worth trying out. Do check it out at major perfume counters island-wide.