EMARGOED01.05.15- COS6 (2)

What can be better than having two of my favorite brands, MRPORTER.COM and COS, come together to produce a capsule collection this summer. Named the The Modern Traveller, the limited edition EMARGOED01.05.15- COS4 EMARGOED01.05.15- COS1 EMARGOED01.05.15- COS9collection is a 23 -piece wardrobe of menswear essentials in seasonal greys, burgundies and hues of deep navy.

Key styles include slim-cut tailoring in classic single-breasted styles, available in deep navy and burgundy. The sharp silhouette is also prevalent in the outerwear pieces and shirting; with clean lines and grey tones representative of the stark architectural inspiration behind the collection. The considered clothing, teamed with classic footwear and luggage options, delivers a well-rounded result: a head-to-toe wardrobe solution for the modern man.

The Modern Traveller Collection will launch on 7th May on MRPORTER.COM/COS and selected COS stores worldwide.