Everyone else is “layering” for the fall season, and men in Singapore should be following suit – except not with cardigans and wool coats. Around here where the heat is constant year-round, we’ve decided to help you layer with stuff that won’t make you more sweaty than you already are. If you weren’t paying attention, this is our second installment in a series about accessories – see the first on jewelry for men here – and this time we’re lusting over some must-have bags for men this season, fresh off the fashion runways.

We’re partial to backpacks this season, as well as vibrant colors that aren’t usually companions to the fall and winter seasons. This year it’s all about striking an impression with exciting visuals, and our selection more than speaks for itself in that aspect. Perfect for sunny Singapore, don’t you think?


Sporty backpacks styled in the keyhole shape remain most popular. You might have noticed that both Versace’s Harlequin Stud backpack and Deep Button leather backpack are both mainly black – I thought we were into color this season? – but they are visually arresting nonetheless. The former transforms the rather common studding feature into an elaborate mosaic of harlequin tiles and ornamental leafing, while the latter’s buttons create a crumpled but not unkempt texture that’s reminiscent of a handsome Chesterfield sofa. In the same style, with the same amount of visual oomph despite its simplicity, is Giorgio Armani’s backpack with diamond pattern fabric insert. The faux-white leather is set off in stark relief against a raised diamond-pattern insert on the front, making for a sharp-looking two-toned bag that’s assuredly stylish and sporty all at the same time. Perfect for the toned-down style of a Normcore.

Knapsack style doesn’t have to be boring and utilitarian – see Gucci’s Backpack with Embroidery, complete with patches from its “L’Aveugle par Amour”/Blind for Love campaign. We love how animated the whole bag looks, with its floral and tiger motifs and Gucci red-and-green shoulder straps set against a black technical canvas fabric. On the other end of the spectrum is the Multicolor Intrecciato Club Lamb backpack from Bottega Veneta, in a handsome navy and contrasting strap of ardoise grey and dark turquoise. It’s again a texture thing with this bag, with the classic intrecciato weave appealing to our artisan side.

Another bag that shows off a fashion house’s classic designs is from Burberry – how about the Vintage Check and Leather backpack covered in none other than their signature check? With this one it’s the shape that amuses us, capturing a genteel outdoorsy vibe that’s borne straight out of the Scottish highlands. In between classic and colorful is Louis Vuitton’s Christopher backpack, which combines the venerated maison’s monograms and a pop of navy and turquoise flaps, all on the quality leather we’ve come to associate with the brand. If you’re a Brandstag, you’ve got your options!



“Handbags” might sound like the domain of women, but totes have become an essential part of many men’s wardrobes. Totes work like briefcases, looking the part for an office, but they’re also versatile enough to take out for weekends and casual outings. One example with such versatility is Saint Laurent’s Sac de Jour Souple in Calfskin. Its clean angles, rigid structure and gold accents lend a formal vibe, which is softened by a beautiful calf hide insert framed in brown calf leather. Putting on the shoulder strap instantly transforms the sac de jour into a weekend getaway bag. If you’re in the creative industry and work in a less formal setting, consider the uber-stylish and ironic Balenciaga Bazar Shopper L. Made out of lambskin, the texture is soft, and the shape is quite literally that of a shopping bag. The colors are what caught our attention – all the basics that make the bag easy to match with anything you have in your closet.

Those who prefer a more sporty handheld would find plenty of space in Gucci’s Night Courrier soft GG Supreme carry-on duffle, with all the funky embroidery you expect from the “L’Aveugle par Amour” line against a black, classic “GG” monogram background. We also love Bottega Veneta’s Latte Terracotta Vialinea Canvas duffle, which may tickle the fancy of our Islanders, with its Riviera-like, yacht-y color scheme and patterning. Both of these come with removable shoulder straps of course, in case you prefer to keep your hands free.

We have to squeeze this beauty in too: Gucci’s Homeric Garden print portfolio, made to look like a decorated tome, in a gorgeous navy leather adorned with artwork found on Greek pottery, such as winged horses, lions, eagles, and flowers. “Serapide” is the title on the book’s spine, in reference to a Greek-Egyptian god that symbolized resurrection and abundance. Abundant, indeed; this handheld has no lack of style, and also comes with a feline-head key on a long chain that can be worn as a necklace. 

Gucci homeric garden portfolio

Now that you know the must-have bags for men this season, stay tuned to our third and final installment for some footwear love!