It’s day 3 for me in NYC and I finally have some time to write a little blog post. I have been walking a lot these few days from street to street, avenue to avenue, soaking up the energy of the city and trying to contain my excitement that I am back in NYC again – my last trip was 2 years ago and I was here for a mere 4 days only.

Anyone who has been to NYC would know that the city is extremely easy to navigate , as long as you know your north-south-east-west you will be able to find your way around easily as every location in the city is placed within the city’s grid layout- avenues running north-south and streets running horizontally from west-east. The all famous Fifth Avenue divides the city into half and every address on its right is consider east, and west on its left. The city is also filled with famous skyscapers like Empire State Building, Chrysler Building (just to name a few) so all you need to do is to look up and locate some of these mega-buildings to you will get your bearings quickly.

No trip to New York is complete without catching a musical and going down to Time Square -the epicenter of the city’s vibrant theatre scene. For those of you who have never been to a theatre or musical performance, please make it a point to watch at least one when you are in the Big Apple and you have my my word that it will be an experience you will never forget. Somehow,  having watched many musicals in my life – back home in Singapore and a few other places – it is never the same watching it in New York.

In my previous trip to New York. I watched Phatom of the Opera( my third time ) and Wicked with my friends and I promise myself this trip that I have to watch at least 3 musicals ( hopefully more) during my 2 weeks here.

I took a long walk down Broadway yesterday alone capturing some of the ‘razzle’ and ‘dazzle’ of the different theatres, and watched my first show “Anything Goes”  in the evening- I highly recommend it ,especially if you know love the Golden 1930s jazz and classic tunes by the late Cole Porter. ( Check out a clip from the show I found on YouTube.)

The other 2 shows I have bought tickets are Ghost (which I am watching tomorrow) and Priscilla -Queen of the Desert(gayness to the power of infinity)  Both are huge productions  remade from their original movie. Here are trailers of the show – I will share my thoughts on HSD Facebook after the shows. 🙂

And , more of my shopping trip in my next post(s)…It’s bedtime for me now, but good morning to most of you.


Sights from Time Square and Broadway